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Darda Cars and Race SetsSee the newest releases from DARDA, including the Speed Racer Championship Raceway. We carry the web's largest selection of DARDA cars, race sets, and accessories.

Bolz Tops represent quality, value and unique design andinclude classic as well as innovative electronic styles.

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Find information on BRIO's latest new train sets, the POLAR EXPRESS, on this recap page.

More than just a plain jane wooden toy!

PLAN TOYS uses one of the finest woods available, enhanced with a true quality smooth finish to make toys perfect for your children. OnlyTOYS.com carries over 100 styles, from dollhouses and furnishings to the PLAN CITY, as well as Plan's games, puzzles and developmental toys. Click on the PLAN TOYS logo to begin your adventure.

Now we feature Classic Toys from ERECTOR®! Click on the logo to see our assortment.

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PlanToys® is the “first” rubberwood toy manufacturer in the world!!

PlanToys® became the first toy manufacturer in the world to successfully use rubberwood to make toys. We were able to increase the value of the rubberwood to its optimum whilst also maintaining a more ecological balance. Moreover, now children can learn and play with toys that have the feeling touch of nature.

Rubberwood, responsible and environmental care
PlanToys® use rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) which recover from ageing rubber trees grown by Thai farmers primarily for latex. After 25 years, the trees no longer provide latex and the farmers need to fell them in order to replenish.
Rubber is a permanent tree crop generally having a positive impact on the environment. Intercropping under rubber trees is common, contributing to stabilization of often degraded water catchments. When rubberwood is sustainably produced from plantations, it substitutes for a wood supply otherwise exploited from natural forests.
Previously, the trees no longer provide of latex, those trees were burned and turned into charcoal providing little subsequent value both economically and ecologically.
But now in Thailand, one million cubic metres of rubberwood are reportedly used annually. Rubberwood has firmly established itself as one of the major timbers in the production of furniture, toy and other products. These uses are expected to be future growth areas of utilization.

PlanToys® is free from any preservative chemicals in rubberwood!!
Plan Toys is the first and only one of “Preservative- free” Rubberwood toy manufacturers in the world. PlanToys® are made of rubberwood processed naturally and free from any wood preservative chemicals. Plan Toys is“the first” and “the only one” rubberwood toy manufacturer that use this technology for your children.

Wooden toys, natural and friendly toys for your children.
Wooden toys have grown especially popular with children. Why? Grandparents -- big toy buyers - often choose toys reminiscent of the ones they had. And baby-boomers are willing to invest a little more in wooden toys that will help their children develop the kinds of critical cognitive, social and motor skills nurtured through rich play. Experts agree that wood toys like blocks, doll houses and train sets are wonderful because they are "open-ended," meaning they leave a lot to a child's imagination and are rich in "play value."

No one carries more Plan Toys than Only Toys. Visit our Plan Toy store at PlanToyStore.com